Who can't love this game? EVIL people, that's who!

User Rating: 8 | Nintendogs: Lab & Friends DS
It's time for the Nintendogs Labrador and Friends Review. For the DS.

The three Nintendogs were launch titles for the DS. This game was actually my first DS game. Let's see how it did.

This game is pretty much a straight-up dog simulator. You go to the kennel and pick up a dog. You have a big house and you can do whatever you want with your dog.

Of course you will always have to feed your dog and give it some water. Your dog will not die though. You can also teach your dog some tricks. If you want you can give it some toys to play with.

There are all sorts of places to go. You can go shopping, go for a walk to find stuff, enter a contest to win money, and go to the kennel to pick up another pup!

The graphics were nice. I didn't know what to expect, since this was a launch title.

Since the DS uses touch screen controls, you will use the touch screen for a lot of actions. Throwing stuff, petting your dog, everything.

You can take your dog for a walk, and on the way you can find people and gifts. Some gifts are rare to find. On the walk your dog may crap and you have to pick it up or else you will be fined. If your dog pees it doesn't mean anything. At first you can't go that far but as you go on more walks your dog will gain more stamina and you can go farther.

You can also enter your dog in contests. They range from obstacle courses to disc challenges to obedience tests. If you win you go up a rank, but if you lose you will go down.

Like Animal Crossing(that's kinda ironic), this game is real-time. Of course nothing different would happen at different times, but it's there.

You can also connect with a friend in Bark Mode, although it's pretty shallow. However, you can send an item to your friend, so that's pretty cool.

Each version of Nintendogs has version-exclusive dogs. If you want the other dogs, you have to go into Bark Mode and you'll get the dog that your friend had in the Kennel.

Nintendogs Labrador and Friends is a fun little game. If you don't like this game you are just an evil person. If you are looking for a cute little dog simulator, pick this up.

This game gets an 8 out of 10 with the title of Great.