a decent platformer at best, but not much else

User Rating: 6.5 | Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots PS2
The good:decent platforming and puzzles. has a good cast of characters.

The bad:stupid A.I. partner.bad graphics. dumbed down multiplayer. can be incredibly easy.not much todo once beaten.shallow and repetitive combat.A huge if totally irratating joke when you found all of the fairies.

What you should know is attack of the toybots is a decent game, but its laudry list of issues (including dumb ai partner .shallow and repetitive combat)keep it from succeding over volcano island.

Atleast its a decent platformer...

You get 10 characters from 8 shows (sponge bob, patrick,danny, sam,tak,rocko,stimpy,timmy,jenny,stimpy.) the actors return and record new lines and they all have there signature stuff here (fist of fury, ghost powers, magic hammer). So this, and the recorded lines will definetly give you atleast a couple of reasons to play.

What toybots improves on is depth. Your never just running to one place, beating up every thing in sight, then moving on. Youll solve more puzzles and go through interesting platforming parts, though the combat is still overused,as its wasted on mashing on the square or O button while beating up on dumb ai who mostly sits and easily gets beaten up to your fury..

Thats also noticable on your partner, (Theres no drop in drop out coop play like the one scene in volcano island.)Most of the time , your partner just follows you,falls of cliffs,and constantly gets beaten up! if you hadnt already guessed, your partner is a total dim wit. I find him/her useless because as i played. Puzzles never required two people and as you solve them your partner seems to just run into every trap

But the platforming is great.Volcano island was missing this kinda fun.

When jumping platform to platform. You dodge a good amount of hazards and traps. Though there was times where i felt some of the platforming felt rushed and repetitive. (like in jennys platforming part where your doing the same thing 10 times) or rather too easy (in one level i ran through one whole part without dying.) and then times where it was incredibly punishing(Fairy world is trail and error )) but over all its decent.

the mech parts are awful, as youll be doing alot of repetitive combat here and its not even worth talking about.Also, i found the fairy collecting to be boring and when you find all of the fairies, jorgan just says your number 2 and if you wanted to be number 1 and get your reward, youd have to go undercover.(hint a thing dogs do there business on )

the graphics are ugly with some bad texture and for some reason blurry reds. the cg cutscenes are worse, with un finished look all over it, and signs of clipping issues.

the sound is weak in the term of sound effects but has alot of the real voice actors playing there roles.

over all this game is a decent platformer at best but not much else.