The revival of a world map experiece!

User Rating: 9.5 | Ninokuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou PS3
Every few years a game comes around that reshapes a genre or the industry and reclaims some of what a genre has lost or failed to repeat for a few years. Ni No Kuni isn't quite worthy of a "redefining" award but is certainly worthy of reclaiming the nostalgic and long dormant feel of a true RPG. It goes back to a traditional formula and makes it feel new with impressive mechanics and beautiful world to explore. We finally see a brake from the recently popular linear levels and the revival of a world map experiece. However, I worry that some players will credit the game with introducing something new to the experience. The more resourceful players out there might cite the game as having many similiar features as the Jade Cacoon or Monster Rancher series. Obviously, there is a much present Pokemon influence there as well which is for sure nothing worth complaining about. Moving on to the animation and story aspects of the game, there is much to be seen and enjoyed here as well. Studio Ghiblis up there as one of the best animaton studios of all time and it is more than exciting to see them venture in to a world not too far from their side of the coin. So far, the game is gorgeous bringing much eyecandy and filling the iris with much light and saturation. I have caught myself needing a break from traveling around on the world map due to its intensity and vibration. In other words, the game is flipping beautiful! Moving on, the story more than fits the Ghibli attraction. Oliver is not an annoying or overly simplistic protagonist and the surrounding characters are an even bigger delight. I feel that while I have already invested quite a few hours in to this adventure, I have barely scratched the surface of what will make this game the best RPG this year.