Very broad and interesting game to play.

User Rating: 7 | NHL 2K11 WII
This game is mind-blowing the graphics aren't the best but it is wonderful playing, controlling the goalie and how you can score. It is beautiful.

The score I would give is 7.0. I gave a score of 7 because the game gets boring after some time, due to the graphics and the commentator repeating everything every single game. The playoffs are really intense due to who will win and who could get injured and more stuff like that. The season is fantastic too because if you don't want to play all the games you can simulate which doesn't take a long time. The international teams are very challenging teams to play against, you have to play wisely against them. You can also create your own teams and your own players and put stars in your favorite team and you can change line-ups. The defense is also changeable, you can put great defense and offense plays.