Well... there's good news and bad news...

User Rating: 5.5 | NHL 2K11 WII
NHL 2k11 has made very few advancements from its predecessor, NHL 2k10. The visuals have changed for better or worse with broken sticks. Wii Motion plus is still harder than it should be. Stick handling has improved greatly from 2k10. They removed speed bursts from game play. Player creator is still using, for the most part, the same options on gear. The team creator has not made any improvements in logos. Mini rink and Pond hockey has stayed the same. New modes include Winter Classic mode at Fenway Park, Boston, MA. They also added Road to the Cup, A mode for up to 4 players using miis to compete in 5 different multiplayer minigames, super skills, and trivia all to gain 1000 fans. You end in a free for all, the player who got to 1000 fans has a 3 goal lead on everyone. The others have to score 5 goals to win. In brief, if you want to have family-orientated fun, get it. But stick with 2k10, and wait for 2k12.
Unfortunately, there is no waiting for 2k12, It was never released.
Some internet oriantated features are to be deactivated November 2011 according to the instruction booklet.