How did they even sell this?

User Rating: 1 | NHL 2K10 PS3
I can barely write a full review to tell you how bad this game is at representing hockey. The graphics suck, the motion does not feel real, and almost everything in this game sucks. Trust me do not buy this game, i love hockey above everything else and this game is just plain awful. If you are reading this for now on do not buy 2k games they do not represent hockey in anyway what so ever. The only one good part about this game is the fact that there are many mode options and the fact that the game before you play feels real. The commenting sucks and it does not even sound like a real game. Another thing is they did not even sound out all the guys names right. Overall if you love hockey than do not get this game it is an abysmal representation of what hockey is all about(2k should be embarrased that they made a game this bad).