You've got to be kidding me. Again?

User Rating: 5 | NHL 2K10 PS3
Seriously 2K?

Come on! Remember 2K6? Way better than EA 06. It was a fun, unlimited game. It had tons of games, expanisve creation oprions, and not-bad gameplay.

What happened?

This happened. 2K tried to turn into EA. EA is known for it's hardcore NHL games, with multiple leauges and great graphics. 2K was known for it's loose game style but awesome party games. And they messed all of that up.

First of all, the new menu is a pain in the ass. Even worse than last year, its hard to control and it looks like crap. There's basically only two game modes, Instant Action and Franchise. Nothing else to do. No extra leauges, no Be-A-Pro, no practice modes, no National games. The graphics got ever-so-slightly better this year, and I do mean ever-so-slightly.

It seems the only good thing about this game is that Ovechkin is on the front. Go Ovie!

Don't waste your money on this. Buy EA instead. Seriously.