Awsome game that keeps getting better!

User Rating: 8.5 | NHL 13 X360
With the realistic skating now the game has become more strategic than ever before, and once again EA Sports has topped itself with this hockey game. It will be very hard to top this game but I can't wait to see when EA Sports does. The addition of the Online GM mode was a great idea but with that being said the offline the GM mode can be very frustrating to understand but still very fun. The Be a Pro is still the mode to play in the game. The biggest change I would love to see for next year is more customization for the equipment not just pre designed goalie helmets . This game isn't just for hardcore hockey fans but for everybody but the die hard hockey fans will enjoy this game a lot more then the casual fan but that should go without saying. This game is a game to be played for years to come, I know I will.