Like all other blitz, this game is so unreal, but it's what make it so original and cool.

User Rating: 8.2 | NFL Blitz 20-02 GC
This game is so cool! Ok I played so much that I got really a big number of really intense bugs and glitches, but it's not so bad. Not enough musics, commentator always say the same thing, but we get used to it. there is a big number of different games to choose from. Also, it add so much to make you able to jump over and over on people when the play is over already haha. teams are really different. some sucks and have bad statistics, and others are really great. this game is always fun, even if you play a lot. I think this is a lot better then madden only because it is not unreal, your guy can jump like 20 feet ahead haha! on multiplayer the game is fun, single player, i must admit it becomes boring very fast, but by the time your 2 or more, it finally become chalenging! the codes also are cool and add funny stuff. you can also change the model of your character when changing his name, and this is really funny too. having a horse or clown in you team! hehe