A game where you are immortal but can be killed... In a way. An interesting innovation but still lacks polish.

User Rating: 7.5 | NeverDead X360
In our days we see more and more of the same genre games and innovation is a rare thing.
NeverDead plays on this aspect quite well.
Basically you are an immortal being. You cannot die.
Then how the game plays if you cannot die you ask. Answer is - you can be dismembered and imprisoned for all eternity. How does that sound. And that really works.
What is fun is that you wield dual guns, interchangeable with a sword which has a great control scheme. By moving the right analogue stick you can slice enemies the way you want. There are some frustrations however since the game focuses on having you think how to smash debris to his enormous amounts of enemies that are thrown at you and sometimes you just accidentally hit the gas tube or explosive barrel or some other explosive stuff and end up flying all over the place with your hand and a leg on one side of the screen and head and body on the other. And with all the debris lying around sometimes reaching all those parts without getting caught can be tricky. But what deserves a praise is that even though there is a lot of objects, debris and limbs - player can hardly get stuck in a bug that would break the game (like getting stuck behind an object without the ability to move etc). That is really polished and it is great.
Difficulty is another thing. Some moments are just made of plain frustrations, some are just too easy. But maybe it was meant that way so the player could never relax.
Storyline is of an average quality, though it is still better than most games nowadays. Has it's own share of fun moments and not quite cliche as it may seem. Ever played pinball or basketball with your head?
Music is great and somehow reminds of DMC series in a way. Dialogues are also played great and the game's atmosphere is quite immersive.
Skills deserve a separate praise but the only downside is simple - too little slots, too many skills to use. You can really feel the skills in the game and that is quite satisfying (especially the 6th sense - a must have for the single player games).
What ruins this game in a way is camera and aim. Not too bad but could be better.
Ending leave a lot to think about and is fine for such genre games. Especially the question arises if there ever will be a sequel. It would be nice to see a more polished game like this in the future.
GOOD - innovation, great sword controls, awesome music, good dialogues, dismemberment is polished to it's best, fun moments keep the player in the game, satisfying skill upgrades.
BAD - camera could be better, aim mode needs a bit of work, some moments can be quite frustrating.
OVERALL - the game is quite a breath of fresh air but still needs a little polish. It is a good and immersive game, which delivers hours of fun for the player if he can overlook some of it's flaws.