Good concept, rubbish community.

User Rating: 5.5 | Neocron PC
Qouting a player from this game:

"A game that allows you to kill other players then steal their items and weapons from their back pack is destined to attract alot of idiots and ****

Very true statement. I played this game for about a year and half and in that amoutn of time was in many clans and followed and went against many of the trends in the community thi sgame had to offer.

First of all, the game IS fun, i could replay it again probably and find some decent fun out of it, the only problem is the community is terrible.

It consists of mostly angry teenage American or German kids who either use hacks or are just plain obsessed about the game till they never go offline.

That isn't the bad part, the bad part is it was an huge unbalanced game because of popular clans attracting most of the idiots from the game to join them. People who joined those clans were normal peeps or weren't that bad before but because of sheer peer pressure and the fear of losing their stuff if they get killed, they joined those clans.

So in other words it had this horrible like PRISON atmosphere to it....NOT the game, the community did, and when a game's community develops that, then i think its downhill from there on in for the game.

All-in-all, the game has some sluggish weapons but other than that once you get used to the interface etc it IS a fun game, its just a shame that the players you'll be fighting alongside with will be half your age!