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User Rating: 3 | Neocron PC
It’s interesting to note that Neocron calls itself Neocron 2 now. I’m not exactly sure why, considering its the same game it was before, but now with another confusing city to get lost in. I must admit I did get addicted with the idea of a MMO where you actually have to aim your weapon over the critters. But its not exactly implemented correctly because in order to get a good shot off you have to hold your aim for a second to reduce your target reticule and even the slightest movement of the mouse will reset it completely, making you have to aim all over again, makes sense if every weapon was a sniper rifle, but hey, I’m holding a friggin shotgun!
Maybe this is a minor complaint from a noob, but it is one of many. From the confusing character creation process and starting areas, your not exactly sure what the heck your suppose to be doing or where your suppose to go. You can see in chat a number of people bickering at each other about who is more leet, but its rare that you actually see anybody. You cannot carry more then a few kill’s worth of loot at a time, making trips back and forth to the pawnshop tedious. There are also loading problems, when the word "synchronizing" will hover on your screen an indomitable amount of time forcing you to relog.
This game could have been much better, so could the graphics, which look like there straight from the play station 1. Putting armor on doesn’t even change your characters appearance, I did see a couple of higher level guys (who always tend to bend over and look at the feet for some reason) wearing hooded specter of death type clothes, but other then that everyone looks basically the same in there Neo meets Hon Solo attire.
Buildings are dark confusing and easy to get lost in. And the environment is very claustrophobic. In time locations do become more second nature, but its not very noob friendly when they spread the shops all over the place instead of putting the ones within the same level range closer togother. What’s more frustrating are the things your able to do and use in the tutorial may be things that you will not be able to equip right away if ever in the actual game.
Neocron 2 seems to me to be a German experiment where they stand around and giggle at the poor people that are actually trying to figure this thing out. We are rats in their maze.