why producing craps year after year, and calling them need for speed

User Rating: 6.5 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted PC
it's something hard to believe, that ea is developing burnout type games and repeatedly calling them need for speed year after year.. shame..!!
nfs has always been a cash cow for them, and they are just using the name to sell this games..!!
the game has nothing new in it.. no story, nothing.., only good visuals.. everytime you crash , your car is like just torn apart, all cars are unlocked from the beginning, you just drive to them, u have them.. no such upgradation to do to the cars, only a mere supplimentary type..

remember the feeling u got when u played the original most wanted , underground, carbon games.. those were the golden era.. This game only has the name, rest of all are shame..
ea has murdered this great nfs series by it's own hand..
Still can not understand why criterion develops nfs games instead of black box.. god knows..!!
Still i gave it a 6.5 because the gameplay is still not bad, sometimes enjoyable..