Took away everything NFS was known for and put the name Most Wanted to it !!!!!!!

User Rating: 3 | Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game PS3
How can I start reviewing this piece of JUNK !!!! U heard me.. junk is the best word to describe this (I cannot call it) game...

This visual representation of a (game), is nothing but an INSULT and/or slap on the face to the hardcore NFS fans...

No customization, u start the game with a FREAKING PORSCHE, car handling is impossible to say the least.. not that am a douchebag... but I can never play a race without crashing to either side of the road... there is no way in hell u can get over this, and lets not talk about the takedowns .... TAKEDOWNS IN NEED FOR SPEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYY?!!!!!!

Cops in this game are always faster than u, and there rn't any booby traps (if u understand me ;) to get rid of them.... U get ur ass busted, and u dont have to pay any fine or have the risk to lose ur (not)hard earned upgraded car... what's the point??????

U get cars just like the speed of wind, and u dont earn money... just stupid points :S !!

Critereon took burnout paradise and put real cars in it and called it NFS ... but what annoys me the most is put the Most Wanted title to it :S !! I was waiting for this game like no other and this is what I get?! Hot pursuit was actually a nice game since it had need for speed feel to it some way or another .. but this?!

I will play the real NFS Most Wanted, might be my only chance to get back to the glory days of this series...

OH and before I end this.... do NOT NOT NOT NOT (and if I can scream in ur ear I will do it) buy this game .... keep the old memory of need for speed as it is in ur head ... do not tear it apart with this!!