an unbeliveable improvement over nfs 2. it's the 3rd nfs but it's also the 3rd best in series-a coincidence.

User Rating: 8 | Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit PS
nfs 3-hot pursuit introduced the cop car chase in the racing games,something unprecedented which makes the game more challenging.the other modes are common to absolutely every game:single race,championship & can also choose the type of the race:arcade or simulation.
at the hot pursuit mode,you are not busted from the first time you're the beginner level you have "to gather" 5 fines to be the expert level 3.this idea is continued in high stakes but they quit the idea in hot pursuit's great anyway.
nfs 2 is such a "fair" game & this one is better in absolutely every,gameplay,dificulty,race modes,locations,cars everything.i just consider that this is the first game in series,for me,the first 2 are ghosts.
the graphics are pretty good.the music rocks & the gameplay is enjoyable.there are 8 locations & 8 cars.the best race takes place at redrock ridge-a desert type location with's the pinnacle of nfs 3.
the knockout mode is very interesting.only one car gets eliminated after one's not that you get eliminated is you finish the lap last,you get eliminated if you finish the race last.the next race will begin with 7 cars & so on so there are 8 interesting,challenging races.i personally think it's better this's the ideal knockout the single race & hot pursuit you can also change the weather & choose if you want traffic.there are only 2 dificulties-beginner & expert.the hardest race takes place at the summit.a race through mountains in the has a lot of tight curves & the car slips if you go through favourite car in the chevrolet corvette,with a blue colour on's just my favourite car in every racing game that i play.the music is techno,electronic but a very good one.not rubbish like nowadays.
nfs 3-hot pursuit is the true begining of the long lasting,award winning,legendary race car game series...whoa!
ps-the pc version of this game is slightly has better graphics & mechanics.