Not a half bad game, but the only thing NFS:Carbon has over other NFS games is the Wii's motion controls...

User Rating: 7 | Need for Speed Carbon WII
Ok, so this game came out when the Wii was first released. It was one of the maybe 20 games you out that first Christmas. I'm not sure if it was the 'only' racing game at the time, but it certainly was my first choice since it was a NFS game and NFS games generally tend to be a load of fun. The big attraction however was the motion controls. That fascinated me and I just had to try it...
So after buying the game ( $50 bucks gone!) the first thing I did when I got home was pop the disc in my Wii and press start. The cutscene right before the main menu was great. It made the player think that they were in for a real treat. Like most NFS games you pick out and customize a car then you really get to start playing the game. As soon as you get a little farther into the games you'll notice that the cop pursuits are really fun...but only at first. They tend to happen at the worst times, and most of the time you can only avoid them for so long. I'm not going to say anything about the races because obviously all you do is race.
The one think that really ruined this game for me was the irritating canyon runs (boss races). Man are they a pain... They seem almost impossible. Give me an Xbox controller and I'd beat it first time. But with the Wii's motion controls it brings a whole new difficulty to the game. Fortunately the canyon runs are the only difficult parts of the game. Everything else is very easy.
One thing this game features that fun though is a series of challenges you can do to earn awards. Some of them are pursuit challenges where a certain number of cop cars/vehicles must be wrecked in order to beat the challenge. My favorite one is where you drive as a huge Truck and just ram through all the coppers. That part of the game truly was a blast!
My opinion is this. I picked up Carbon because it looked cool but also because I was hoping it would be a little bit different compared to the Undergrounds and Most Wanted. But that was not what I got, in fact it was nowhere even close.

The bottom line is-

NFS:Carbon is nothing more than a mediocre racing game with no originality whatsoever. Parts of the game are rather annoying ei. the Canyon Runs and Pursuits. Despite those thing Carbon is still very fun and has a couple of game features the other don't have. Another bonus are the cutscenes. They are live action and very well done.

Thanks for reading guys and let me know if this helped you!