Nice Job EA!

User Rating: 9 | NCAA Football 12 X360
EA has improved the game over last year. They have listened to feedback from gamers and added some cool features and nice improvements such as an enhanced presentation of the game and school traditions. Also, a collision system has been added. It factors in things such as speed, size and momentum in determining how hard the impact is when the ball carrier meets the defender and on blocking. I learned about this feature after playing the game for the first time, I neglected to have my punt returner call for a fair catch on a ball that had pretty good hang time. Someone on my team must have missed a blocking assignment and my returner got tattooed by a defender which resulted in a fumble. There are lots of other improvements.

I was disappointed with the review here at Gamespot. They usually nail the reviews but I think the reviewer just doesn't get what many of the console football fans are looking for. This is not just my opinion. I back this up with stats listed here on Gamespot. At the time I write this the players average review is 8.0 and critics 8.4. If you are a gamer who is in the process of making a purchasing decision you should read a few other reviews. Also, I think Gamespot should let someone else review this game next year so readers will get a more objective viewpoint.