User Rating: 9 | NCAA Football 12 PS3
Game and graphics were very good. I believe that the accurecy is important in any game and is shown when you cut this game on. Dynasty is also deep, which is also a good thing. The Road to Glory is almost like real life and is very neatly done. The custumasation of the game is a massive key to a good game for me and is shown through out the entire game. I cant believe that GameSpot rated the game a 7 when clearly it deserves a 9. I dont understand how they can rate such a good game with such a low number. I would like to input that whomever rated this game within your company, should not have compared this game with an arcade game. Which is clearly old school when we are apparently in the "new age". Its not that hard to upgrade your equipment. I think the game is awesome and accurate and would be glad to reccomend it to anyone who enjoys college football.