In some sports games, feeling realistic is not a good thing.

User Rating: 6.5 | NCAA Football 10 PS3
For those who played the NCAA Football series on PS2, prepare to have the carpet ripped out from under you. Gone is the fast-paced, arcade feel of NCAA's past. In exchange we get a clunky yet realistic flow that limits your options in certain parts of gameplay. Hoping to pull down on the skill stick and break away for a 80 yard rush? Good luck with that.

Where are the challenge flags? Where are the fake snaps? Where are all those little intricate features that we had grown to love?

They have been replaced by a whole lot of depth in other aspects of the game that the player cannot control, such as whether the AI tries to swat a pass in coverage or try to intercept it. Or whether the AI is more aggressive on the D-line at the expense of more holding penalties.

If this is what you like, a more interactive experience with the AI and more flashy cut scenes and replays, then you'll be pleasantly surprised. Personally, I struggled to enjoy this game every minute that I played it until I finally stopped trying.