Not the Usual

User Rating: 7.5 | NCAA Football 10 PS3
So i got this game expecting a bigger better version of all of the 06, 07, 08, and 09 versions that i played on the PS2. Well the graphics are better and it is more realistic playing, but i always love the race for the heisman of road to glory now. Before you could work people by being able to control the entire team but now you have sole control over your person only, no play picking, audibles, of anything. I am a HB in mine but i'm pretty much screwed on pass plays were i block no glory for me so i guess the best bet would be the QB in road to glory. There is the dynasty mode which i guess would be just like what i am used to so i'll probably give that a shot after i do my road to glory so i can transfer my guy to Madden 2010 when i get it. Even though all of that sucks i guess it is a lot more realistic to try and get the heisman this way instead of just running up your stats to make sure that your player gets it. Needless to say this style of gameplay is starting to grow on me. And the live ESPN radio that plays when your on the menu is freaking pimp never thought of having that on there. That's a pretty cool touch. So as of right now it is a 7.5 in my eyes but I just got it but it looks as if I may raise the score of it later as it continues to grow on me. Peace out guys hope you enjoy the game.