This game is not good and it is not so bad. Nothing special.

User Rating: 7 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
My point of view on this game is that it really isn't anything special to me. It had some really easy game play, and I figured that out because i was beating the #1 ranked team Ohio State Buckeyes with Alabama State University. The only mode that I found the least bit interesting was the Dynasty mode, because it was really addicting. I played Dynasty mode for about 20 seasons after getting bored turning players from small town schools into legends. The Legend mode for NCAA 07 wasn't really special, because I went on to win the Heisman Trophy 3 times. I found it real anoyying when I tried to create a player the screen constently shook. The game had long loading and saving times. You have to play this game 24/7 just to learn how to shake somebody out. As far as I see the game is nothing special, and is something I would play if I was just going through a stack of games when I get bored.