Let's start by saying that a majority of you "NCAA 06" fans, will not like this game that much.

User Rating: 9.2 | NCAA Football 07 PS2
Let's start by saying that a majority of you "NCAA 06" fans, will not like this game that much.

Gameplay: The gameplay this year has improved fairly well. You now have the ability to do pre-defenensive hot routes, like in madden.(i.e. using the analog stick to either do a blitz, zone read, spy, or deep zone). A big improvement is the realistic look of the jukes and running game. Not only are the jukes more sustained, but they are less successful. You may be saying "how is less successful good?". Well that all depends on the player I guess. If you are someone who like cheapness and blowing out teams, running up the score etc. this is not the game. This game is a GREAT simulation of college football. Another new introduction is Booth Review and Challenge Plays. A few minor flaws are things such as the impact camera situations and kick/punt return. Be prepared for numerous fumbles and interceptions when you throw wildly, you can no longer run around with Vince Young for ever looking for an open receiver because, like in real life, both of those happy feet will be better off planted when throwing instead of throwing off your non-dominant foot, across your chest, 50 yards, because that's an INT waiting to happen.

Graphics: I think some of us may have been mislead by the shots of 360 version. The xbox 360 version is nothing like PS2. The graphics are completely different and I'm not just talking about the actual players, I mean the look of the game, menu screens etc are different. Overall they are just like last year, which doesn't bother me at all. All you little kids complaining, try playing Tecmo Bowl.

Sounds: Once again, the commentary is EXACTLY the same as last year. Even the intro is the same. Besides that it's okay, I would rather be able to hear the crowd more, but oh well.

Value: This game is worth it and may be underpriced for you diehard college football fans. I wouldv'e payed more for it, not gladly but I would've. The replay value is obviously magnificent. You can do a dynasty has all 119 D-1A schools and even the AA schools. Not to mention campus legend, which is a more indepth version of Race for the Heisman.

If you are into the game being more graphically enhanced and what not, either don't get this or get an xbox 360, because I don't want to hear crying.

If you loved the games in the past, then this is another must have.