Good Game... With some problems

User Rating: 7.3 | NBA PSP
This is a great game. I have tried NBA Live 06 for the PSP.. and I think this might be better. I do like the the controls which are a little clunky... at first you will definetly take a while to also get used to the awkward but innovative shot controls. You have to press "O" one time then while in the process of the shot you will have to press it again trying to hit it while it is in green (yellow is average and red is a miss) But the money shot is very useful and can get you an easy win if you if you nail it everytime. The money shot will always go in unless you are blocked or if you are shooting a freethrow with Shaq (J/K). Well overall I would recomend this game b/c it is a handheld... but I dont know if this franchise would make it on a console with these weird and clunky controls. Also this game has a pretty nice franchise mode.... I recommend a rent if your bored with your PSP.