Breaking Ankles is fun

User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Street V3 PS2
From the ballers on the courts to the courts themselves, V3 is one of the coolest looking sports games ever created. The lighting of each court (12 in total, including everywhere from Venice to Mosswood), with specific color tints for each location, really makes the atmosphere feel like a Hype Williams video…funny since the famed rap director actually helped with some of the camera angles and the overall look of the game. Think Belly meets LeBron and you know what to expect.

The characters on the screen also look amazing, although they lack the facial features and realism of Midway's NBA Ballers series. Street went for a more artistic look, moving away from the cartoon-like appearance of past Street games, to provide a more edgy, energetic palate of players, courts, and backgrounds, although it's strange that the game fails to support progressive scan or hi-def.

Gameplay itself is great, nice controls, and crazy setups, worth getting any day