Very fun & addicting

User Rating: 9 | NBA Street V3 PS2
This game is filled with new awesome features such as, a court creator, dunk contest, & a street challenge to own the streets. It also has a custom baller mode which has an advantage over the last one, you can actually pick what you want. NBA Street Vol. 2 you had to pick a category that chose the rest for you & many didn't like that, me being one of them. These new attractions make this game great. This is definitely a game to get if you loved the first two.

The graphis are awesome. It really shows the style of the game well & adds a little more detail than the last one. Not only in the ballers & court, but you can add graffiti to your walls as well which brings the gangster into this.

The gameplay is way better. It shows the moves as they should be. They also added a new list of moves to the old, which brings the whole game together, a little old with the new. Although the dunk contest is repetitive & the Gamebreaker 2 is gone, you get much more in return.

I believe this is the downfall of the game. They tried to add old school songs to give the old school feel to it, but it just didn't quite give them the reaction they wanted. It has good tunes, but not as many tracks as the first two, so you get bored fast. We can't forget the special guests either, in this one its the Beastie Boys. Though they may be white, these guys roll hard on the courts in this game.

This is a keeper, I can say that much. So the many that enjoyed the first two, as I said before, pick this game up.