Worth playing if you're a retarded 3 year old kid who likes streetball

User Rating: 5.8 | NBA Street V3 PS2
I bought this game because I like streetball and I thougt it would be cool to pull off those tricks in a game. I was absolutely wrong. The game was a bit entertaining in the first couple of hours but then I realized how easy to pull off a trick was, and that the game didn't require any skill at all to be played. If at least pulling off a trick wasn't so extremely easy ( just hold the R and L buttons and move the analog stick in any direction and you'll see your team behaving like acrobats in a circus) the game would be a lot better. The whole game is about tricks and pulling them off is so easy that the game just gets very boring, I mean there's absolutely no challenge whatsoever and an experiecend player plays just as well as a rookie.
By all means don't waste your money or time unless you're a 3 year old child or if you're just looking for a VERY, VERY boring game.
EDIT: I forgot to mention you can also play barbie with your baller by dressing him up in various costumes if that's your thing