If you been a fan of the 1st 2 street games. then this one wont let you down.

User Rating: 9.4 | NBA Street V3 XBOX
EA Big came out a while ago. They have been making some crazy over the top games. The 1st game they ever made was NBA Street on the ps2. It was a big game at that time with street ball at it's finest. “ And 1” was blowing up and people just wanted more then Live and ESPN b-ball games. Now we have the 3rd vol. in the series NBA street v3. If you been living under a rock the last few years then this is new to you. If not. This game is bout the same as the first two. Only with a new and better face left. The Game play in SV3 is very fast pace. I think it went back to the 1st street with a bigger focus on Dunks and fast arcade style play. From the till to the game winning shot. You will be gulled to your sit. It's very fast and if you don't keep up with the speed of the game then you lag behind. They have a simple system to go by. Do tricks as much as you can, and make them look hot. There's only two trick buttons the right analog stick and the x button. They both can be use to add up combos with the use of three turbo buttons, and you will get nice tricks that will gain Game breaker points. Which will add up on a bar at the top of the screen Then you get the game breaker which as b4 will take away points from the others team. In V3 it a little different. You now can control the GB and get "Nasty" with it by using your team for a 3 man GB or you can make some hot combos using the trick stick for the big dunk. Only thing I didn't like about the GB in v3 was you can only dunk with it. So no more sweet long 3's like back in the old versions. And on defense you really can’t do nothing but try and run down the other players GB. Because once they get the ball, anybody can pull it off. The Defense hasn't really been changed a lot. You can still jump 80 feet in the air for the block or you can steal just about any players ball. Overall it's a good balance on both sides of the ball. The Graphics are what all street games shine on. This one has taken it to the next level. The player models look great and the motions of them are not too bad. It would have been better if the star players ran and jump like they do in real life. But nothing big. The Courts all look like they should in real life and the weather has some cool effects like when playing and the sun or playing on a foggy day. All done well. The Create a baller has went into great detail. You can do just about anything you want to your Player. Pimp him out, or NBA him out, or thug him out. Which ever look you want they got it. Plus a create a shoe that is good. And they all look well when playing on the court. The sound in the game is really the only weak point it has. For a street ball game I don't want to hear Trina rapping about Ice/ gold and clubbing. Give me some Crunk music. Something that's going to get me hyped. They do have some good tracks that fit, but most don't. Why not just put custom soundtrack in the game? I think EA wants to get all there moneys wroth off these songs cause I wouldn't use them. The THX sounds good if you have a 5.1 sound system. And sub woofer really helps out when playing this game. Sound overall good. Music overall bad. The value in the street game has always been good. I still know people playing vol.1 and 2 still. It's just a great and fun MP game. They have a dunk mode like live 2005 only it's much easier to play. You can use props and combos to get high scores. And the dunking is like the game breaker where you just do tricks off the right analog stick. Good mode to play. And this year they have online support for x-box. This will make you play the game more hours then you want online. You start off by making an Online Created Baller that you can use to get points for new gear and better stats. Then you have to option to make a court. These all get saved on there servers. So it takes the career mode (street challenge) on-line. Cause if you want your player and court to look better, then you will have to work for it. And it's not that easy. From what I played online, you get little points for winning games. I played 4 games in a row with all wins. And I only had maybe 300 points. Where it takes almost 100-125 for one stat point. But it's a nice way of keeping good replay value. Overall I think this will be one of the best B-ball games of the year. With the on-line play and new modes of play. Street v3 will be heavy hitting when the 2k6 games come out later this year.