Wasn't Even Expecting this.... OMG

User Rating: 3.5 | NBA Live 08 PC
Mixed Reactions why Let's point up the ups and downs for the game

*Moves such a steal alleyoops, moveset of the player himself are quite realistic
*Those favorite spots are cool
*No more abusing of freestyle moves...the superstar move executions are now random.
*Rebounding is much more easier or is it just me.

* TOTAL LETDOWN given to us by EA... (Applied to PC users) Not Next-Generation Graphics contrary to the Gamespot's posting of images of the game just above you. This now the "epicenter of the hating" of this game.
*Rosters are not Updated, the last update I think was July 27 which is so afar from the release date of Oct.31
*It's really hard to Block
*Try Superstar Mode, it's freaking easy to win.
*Steve Nash overruns I think 97% of the players except Arenas or some other which i still trying to find out. With a high difficulty of blocking a shot. It's really hard to block Nash even if you had Shaq or Ben under the ring.
*If your playing dynasty mode... I found out that when I checked out the League leaders... I saw Chris Bosh made 43 ,3 points made.... OH Cmon is that even possible! In just a span of 6 games with 4 mins per quarter. It's Inaccurate I tell you guys.
*Only online feature is Direct IP..... what the ...grrrrr

Are you expecting all this?! I only hope that NBA 2K will come to PC.... WE will HUMBLY and WARMLY EMBRACE THE 2k unlike LIVE series that given the players especially PC's some hatin' to the game.

Well Decide for yourselves....... but I'm warning you to not to buy this game.... if you really a fanatic... try to burrow.... since there is no online feature asides from Direct IP.

That is all. : ( : ( : ( : (