NBA JAM review

User Rating: 8.5 | NBA Jam SNES
This game is good. No what am I saying. It's very good. Especially considering it is a sports game.

You get to choose between all the NBA teams available in 1994 with the exception of Michael Jordan. ( He is too good, common)

If your going to be playing as the Chicago Bulls, I would choose Scottie Pipen and Horis Grant. But there are other players you may choose as well.

What's there to say? This game is awesome. I would even say better than the NBA JAM that was released on the Wii and later released on the PS3 and X-360. Sure, the recent versions have the announcer saying extra stuff and the game may look better,

but something tells me the SNES version is technically superior in terms of blocking, shooting skills, and dunking.

So if you have an SNES I would recommend playing this (If you haven't played before) It is one of the best sports games I have ever played, and it will be for a while.