My favorite basketball to date.

User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Jam Tournament Edition GEN
In the days of the Genesis sports games weren't very popular to me. Today I actually have three or four different sports games, but back then I didn't play any other sports game aside from this. The reason is it was quite pleasing to the eye to see the ball turn orange-yellow trying to emulate fire and then see the player do three flips in the air before "dunking" it. The so called "slam dunks" were the only reason I liked this game. They were just such over the top, crazy moves that I enjoyed watching it over and over again. I don't know much about teams nor did I then but there was a good selection of teams: maybe forty or so. The look of the game, other than the "slam dunks," was nothing special and it was obvious to me even then of the limits of this particular piece of technology, though I had never even thought about a new system- the games were still fun so I didn't see any reason for a new system. In fact I kept playing the Genesis until the PlayStation 2 was almost out and then I got an N64 and then the next year a PlayStation 2 and then the next year an X-Box. And yet I still look back fondly on this game having not seen an equal throughout all these generations. Maybe I'll try again when the graphics don't look so bumpy and/or pointy. That might be the PS3/X360/Revolution generation.