Oh, my! He's heating up!

User Rating: 9.5 | NBA Jam Tournament Edition GEN
Fourteen years ago, the smash arcade hit NBA Jam was created and ported to the Genesis, and other similar consoles. The game was one of the smash multi-player hits that year, and had huge success. The next year, 1994, a new Jam game, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, was released. This version improved greatly upon the previous version. The basic premise of the game is that you choose one of the back-then current NBA teams, and select two people from the team to play with.

The system matches you up with another team and the game would start. It was a 2-on-2 brawl, basically. You play on a regular court that has no "home-field" advantage, and the game starts off with a tip-off, and basic basketball rules are applied. Fouls are allowed though, being there's really only three things you can do: the A button controls your shooting, B uses your 'turbo' and C would steal/block. The real beauty is even though each quarter lasted only 3 minutes, so much action took place. The final score is usually a close simulat of a real NBA final, and all kinds of stats were counted such as 3-pointers, field goals, dunks, blocks, rebounds, etc.

The players all had different stats, and really let the player use what he felt was best. The multi-player mode is really where the game shines. Up to four players (controller hub) can play, either teams or head-to-head. The announcer has great comments for each play, especially when a player is "heating up" he'll begin to say ridiculous things such as BOOM! SHAKALAKA!. Each time a player scores consecutively, the better and more stylish his dunks can be, eventually jumping off-screen and doing stunts while cameras flash in the press boxes.

The overall feel of this game, even though it was almost fifteen years ago, still can put you into the competitive spirit of a basketball game, and if you get friends together, it'll be hard to put the controllers down. Though most games become dated as time passes, this is one gem that has stood the test of time and will continue to be a great asset to anyone's collection if they're looking for a great multi-player experience.