User Rating: 8.6 | NBA Inside Drive 2004 (Xbox World Collection) XBOX
I for one, was very dissapointed in Gamespot's review of this game. When it comes down to it, ID plays the most authentic game of basketball out of all of the titles this year. I'm no fanboy either- I've played all of the games and never thought that ID would actually come out the winner. I'm usually an ESPN guy all the way- however ID is just too good to pass up. If you like seeing teams and players play like their real life counterparts, then this game is for you. -Teams play just like they should. The Lakers run the triangle, etc...Every game actually feels different unlike ESPN/Live. You have to really pay attention to team strategies, matchups, etc...The computer offense operates like a real one would- passing the ball around, setting screens, etc...In ESPN, they shoot it VERY early in the shot clock and are very predictable. A lot of the time, you'll see guys like Mutombo taking pull up jumpers in transition. In ID, you won't see any of that nonsense. -Many plays to choose from. If you're a diehard basketball fan, you will enjoy choosing from the dozens of plays offered to you. -Hot and cold streaks...ID plays in waves, just like the real NBA. You will go on "hot streaks", etc....There will be some games where you just have it and some where you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. The main point is that this game really replicates what its like to play in the NBA. In the other two games this year, I felt like each game played out basically the same, with little or no variation. -I don't care what people say, the graphics are not that mediocre. Sure, they aren't quite as sharp as the other titles, but definitely decent nonetheless. I actually think Live's graphics are far too cartoonish. ESPN obviously takes the crown graphics wise, but during gameplay, the difference is less pronounced. -Camera angles. Definitely the strongest out of the 3 games. Great spacing and sightlines. -Online play- Obviously the strongest out of the 3- XSN tournaments, tracking stats, even the option to use seperate camera angles online. I know in the other games, I hate having to agree on a camera angle. A small touch, but a really nice one. Overall, I would rate the games like this.... NBA Live Graphics- 8 Sound- 9 Gameplay- 8 Value- 8 Tilt- 8 Score (not an average) - 82 ESPN Graphics- 9 Sound- 9 Gameplay- 8 Value- 8 Tilt- 8 Score (not an average) - 84 ID Graphics- 7 Sound- 8 Gameplay- 9 Value- 9 Tilt- 9 Score (not an average)- 86