The game has great graphics, but versus is horrible. The passing is off, dumb A.I.'s and shooting is spotty at best..

User Rating: 5 | NBA 2K12 X360
This game would be great but it appears as if every year the developers leave something out. Its great that you keep updating the game but you should at least update the passing system, and work on the game mechanics. I am tired of passing to people double covered instead of the person 5 ft away from me. Allow my player to have some chance of staying in front of the opposing offensive player. Please make the shooting / stealing more realistic I am tired of people phasing through my body.
I believe the main reason this game sells is because of MJ on the front cover, graphics and my player mode which you need to be a PG just so that you can touch the ball.

Honestly I really enjoyed 2k11 more even though it had its own problems, but at least you did not always have to pick the best team on the game to win. There no point in playing if 9/10 times you have to pick the top 4 teams to win.