Nba 2k11 with a different name

User Rating: 1 | NBA 2K12 WII
First off I'd like to say that I love this game for the ps3 and I would recommend it to almost anybody. The Wii version is an entirely different story. I would give it a 0 out of 10 if i could, that's how bad it is Here is a list of the reasons you should not buy this game, FYI, I actually only created an account on here to warn whoever reads this NOT to buy this game DON`T buy it i beg you.

1.) The wii version has like ten songs while the ps3 version has like 20 songs. This itself isn't really that big of a deal, but it does seem it was made more kid friendly for the Wii.

2.) The rosters are off, the rosters in this game are like three years old and i dont know how to get a roster update. roster updates are pretty much the main point to buy the game and they're not even updated

3.) The my player mode inst the new one in the ps3 2k12, its the my player mode from 2k11, you even play the rookie combine with John Wall (he was drafted in 2010) instead of the new rookie show case in 2k12. They just recycled last years my player mode, which is just shameful.

4.) The graphics are awful I could plug in my N64 and play NBA live 2000 and it would probably look better. An example would be I was playing as the Bulls and Joakim noah, who wears a pony tail or bun, had a buzz cut during the gameplay but had the ponytail during the replays.

5.) The controls in this game are awful as well, you just fling the remote up and hope it goes in, the defensive controls have the same button for stealing and blocking.

BUY THIS GAME FOR THE WII. I am not a Ps3 fan boy just bashing the Wii version because i can. I am legitimately warning people not to buy this and if you do buy it for the Wii don't say i didn't warn you. This game actually makes me angry because of how bad it is dont listen to anyone who tells you this game is good because they obviously dont know what they're talking about.