In my opinion, the best NBA game for the PC.

User Rating: 9 | NBA 2K11 PC
Well if you have seen the previews for the game. You'd probably say, "This games going to be great." Fortunately it is. I think most will agree with me and say this is one of the best NBA games of all time. For those stuck with a PC this is a must buy.
This version is pretty much the same version as on the console version of the game. With a few exceptions like using the keyboard(which you can plug-in your own gamepad) and the navigation menu resembling 2K10's navigation menu. I advise you to buy a gamepad for this game. Like an Xbox 360 gamepad. Just a gamepad with sticks. Playing on the keyboard,in my opinion, sorta ruins the game. I haven't used the keyboard for controls yet, but I'm not sure you'll gain the full advantage of 2K's iso-motion controls. The controls do have a sort of steep learning curve. Not too steep though. As I got the hang of it from playing a few games.
Also the presentation is pretty cool. It's a good thing 2K got help from a former TNT producer. The commentary will most likely catch your attention from how detailed it is. Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellog do a good job calling the action and making it seem like it's actually a broadcast. The presentation is one of those things to see for yourself.
Another neat thing is the addition of Michael Jordan. Which most people that got to witness his airness in action, call the Greatest of all-time. With the addition of MJ, you get to relive 10 of MJ's greatest moments . You get to play in 8 minute quarters with Michael Jordan's team versus a classic team. You also have to meet the requirements of every challenge. For example, The Arrival. You must score at least 63 points against the Boston Celtics. Also you have to dish at least 6 assists and shoot better than 50% from the field. Once you complete the 10 challenges. You get to place MJ on any team of your choice. Then you start some special My Player mode that locks you on MJ,but you start out as the young MJ. With an overall of 79,you'll do fairly good and manage to get his stats up. As you play you'll see his appearance change. You'll see him start young then turn older the longer you play. Also the classic teams featured in the Jordan Challenge are unlocked right off the bat. So you don't have to do those challenges.
As for the gameplay. It's the same,if not better, great gameplay you expect from the series. The AI has gotten better. Especially on defense. Gameplay is also something you have to see for yourself. In my opinion it's smoother than 2K10 and way better.
Another thing new is the addition of the draft combine. Instead of paying for the Draft Combine you have it waiting for you right when you hit My Player. Sadly getting to the NBA feels a bit too hard. Maybe too hard for the average,casual gamer but maybe most hardcore gamers would fight through the pains of the Draft Combine and getting drafted by a team. Sadly,I haven't really passed the Draft Combine. I'll try to fill that in when I have done.
One last thing from me is giving props to 2K filling in so much content over a year. I have seen more animations and more signature moves.
So, if you're a PC gamer yearning for a good up-to-date NBA game. This one is a definite pick up. Pretty much the same from it's console counter part. I recommend buying this.
This is pretty much all I can think of. If I have anything to add I'll edit this review. Have fun playing NBA 2k11!