Amazing graphics with good storyline. This is a must for any Naruto fans of anime and manga. Get this game now.

User Rating: 10 | Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2: The Phantom Fortress PSP
10 on this game I'm been playing the game since I brought. I was amazing on the secret techniques of each charcters. My favoritie is Naruto with his Ultimate technique. Cut Scenes are in movie type and 3D action. All characters from the anime and manga are in this game. Everything in this game is totally amazing. There are 5 mini games. The story is excellent and well written. There are several different modes: Mugenjo mode (main story), Hidden Mugenjo (unlocked after the main story is finish) Vs. CPU, Heroes, and Wireless. The characters will be unlocked and playable in other modes after you finish the main story. You have to replay the main story(Hidden Mugenjo) that has 30 floors compared to 100 floors. This game is totally amzing and better than the previous. The game is a must have for any Naruto fans of anime and manga.