Freaking Awesome!!!

User Rating: 9 | Myth II: Soulblighter PC
This game is deffinately not as well known as it deserves. It is a very good stategy game that everyone should try. Not only does it have really good strategy element to it, but your heroes get tougher as they get more kills, which adds an RPG element to it too. If you like strategy games, then check it out. I beat the first Myth, and got through most of this one. I would of beat this too if I didn't keep getting sidetracked, playing fun levels over and over. Myth has a good storyline, great units, good fighting style, and an excellent tilt with the units getting better. This game is also all about the casualties and accidentally killing your own units. Ironically, the key to the game is pratically stopping friendly fire, and getting in position. You should definately try this game!!!