Built the pyramids, pa-shaw, kid's stuff. Myth II is the 8th wonder of the world, but number 1 in our hearts.

User Rating: 9.4 | Myth II: Soulblighter PC
And yay, on the 3rd day Bungie created Myth II. And yay, the Lord saw that it was good. So he played it for 8 straight hours every day after school for 18 consecutive months, formed an online order, and called it the Gods of Myth -> GoM. Yeah, that's me baby.

Gameplay: Visuals were kickass enough for it's time. The missions were en-thrall-ing ...you'll get that halfway back to your car. But the 2 best things about M2 : SB from my POV, IMHO as I'm ROFL about something FUBAR...sorry, is:

1. The sound
-From the battle weary old man voice in the narratives to the midget-like dwarf voices, the sounds of bottles clanking, arrows firing, barrels exploding - everything transports your medieval psyche into a world beyond this one. It's a submersive distraction from the fact that in reality, you can't throw Molotov Cocktails into a group of walking warthogs with clubs and have instant pork chops whenever you feel like it.

2. The explosions
-Hell, sometimes I start my own online game by myself simply to self detonate my wight in the middle of my unsuspecting men. Watching the wight's demise ripple the ground and tear through defenses is so close to nuking, it oughta leave radiation. Actually, now that I think about it, it does, only it's purple and heals quickly. Nothing quite as enrapturing as an online newbie who travels with his wight in the pack and is taken out by 1 ghol and a pus pack.

Online Play: Oh, the glorious feeling of your men rejoicing with cheers in the middle of the Proving Grounds after your Trow single handedly took out enemy troops from behind to win you the Body Count melee. Or the smile that creeps onto your face when all the enemy has left is Soulless against your Stygian Knights on Capture the Flag.

The online play back in the day was a community that could have been it's own country it was so mindboggling. Dozens of packed rooms running hundreds of battles as you climb up the ranks of tens of thousands at Bungie.net

But now, online play has been taken over by another website that makes you have an email other than yahoo/hotmail/etc to join, and on good days maybe 2 rooms are half full of a handful of the same people who only want to sit and talk about their ranks. Used to be your hosted game was overfilled before you were comfortable. Now you fish for 15 minutes waiting for more than one person that actually want to play the game.

Myth II - you are the Kurt Cobain and the Tupac of the gaming community; died in the 90's but still alive in our hearts.