I liked the game but I didn't really find it challenging.....

User Rating: 7.5 | Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir DS
As I said....good game. The ending was a bit strange for me and it wasn't really all that challenging.

I'm usually up for a good scavenger hunt, but I didn't see what any of the things I was looking for had to do with the mystery. They all just seemed like random objects.

I liked how you got to use different things to find the items though, x-ray glasses and the underwater specs and all that. That was pretty cool and looked like they were fun to use. hehe

The game also had a great variety of characters, each of course having a problem with the person that was missing and each, of course, having a totally different identity.

The little mini puzzles were fun though some were a bit more challenging than others. But hey that's what makes for a fun game, I'm told. I had the most fun dusting for finger prints.

Though I found the ending to be a bit odd, I'd still recommend buying the game and yeah I'd play it again.