I enjoy playing this game. Even when I finished the main storyline it was still fun to re-play it. It doesn't get old.

User Rating: 9 | Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir DS
This game is wonderful. I enjoyed it immensely. Even though I've finished the main storyline I still enjoy re-playing it.

In this game you're a detective. Your boss, Phil T. Rich, has been kidnapped, and later on in the game he is presumed dead. So instead of searching for Phil you're now searching for an heir.

After some dialog with the many funny-looking characters in the game, you're to start looking for clues. The items that you're suppose to find aren't "real" clues. For example some of the things you're supposed to find is a horse, an anvil, or a drum.

There are many different locations that you, as a detective, go to and find clues. The clues are hidden within pictures. You can choose from three difficulties and one difficulty is unlocked, called Gumshoe, after completing the game. I'm re-playing the game again with the Gumshoe difficulty and it is hard.

During the time you're searching for the "clues" there is music as well as funny sounds that are playing during your search.

I paid $20 for this game and I think it's a bargain considering how much game-play you can get out of this game.

I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys seek-and-find games or to anyone who likes to have fun!