Fun, yet repetitive.

User Rating: 8 | Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir DS
If any of you have played pixel hunting games before, this will come as no shock to you that pixel hunting pretty much sums up the whole game, sans a few side puzzles and some amusing ways to use your stylus and microphone to uncover clues.
As for the actual storyline... It's a bit weird, a bit funny, and there is pretty much no way for you to actually figure out who the culprit is until their name happens to pop up after about the third time you go through all of their belongings, which in these type of games I am always astonished at how much of a pack rat every single suspect is.
Yes you will be going through their belongings multiple times to figure out whodunit. This is typical of a puzzler but they could have varied the locations a bit more, or possibly added a few more brain-tickling puzzles to break up the pacing a bit more.
Another thing about the characters is they all are hiding something about their past, and it's fun to figure out what skeletons each one has in their closet, often making you smile or giggle at just how absurd their secrets are.
The game has quite a bit of replay value, as the culprit and another secret person are different each time.
The graphics are alright, the characters are drawn in cartoony fashion suitable to the script, the music is somewhat forgettable.

My final thought: If you like this kind of puzzler, play the game. It's fun and not too awfully long, but maybe rent instead of buy.