EA hits a grand slam with its latest installment in the MVP Baseball series.

User Rating: 9 | MVP Baseball 2005 PC
The MVP Baseball series has always delivered a solid baseball experience and this game is no exception. With new game types such as Owner Mode and Mini-games, the value of the game skyrockets. Along with strong graphics and solid game play, this game can keep you occupied for a VERY long time.

The gameplay is solid, with very realistic player animations and excellent fielding and batting controls. The pitching mechanics are excellent and the base running is good, IF you have a special EA Sports controller for your PC. If you don't have this controller, you cannot lead or slide while baserunning and you cannot make diving plays in the field. This takes basically the entire element of base stealing or triples out of the game. This annoying and practically necessary attachment is only one of two grievances I have with this game.

The other is that when you put the settings on All-star or sometimes on Pro, the gameplay gets unrealistically fast, making manual fielding nearly impossible. This also makes pitching unrealistic and the game nearly unplayable.

Despite these two problems, everything else about the game is pretty much perfect. The graphics are amazing, as well as the sound, and gameplay (with the EA controller). The 120 season dynasty mode is a very engrossing experience and will definitely burn up most of your time playing this game. Baseball fans as well as both casual and hardcore gamers should check this game out.