***Hoopstar789's REVIEW on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch***

User Rating: 3.5 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
Ok so the game is Celebrity Deathmatch, you chose from Celebs that are very well known like Carmen Electra, Carrot top, Mr.T, anf Marlyin Manson. The game focuses on just 1v1 fighting. Before I cover this game, I will tell you right now, this game is a load of SH$%.
1.GRAPHICS- Ok, I can't complain, the game's graphics are actual pretty good for 03, the game is pretty much there when the chacter models, levels, and stage audience. The visuals are nice, it has that touchy clay look, and even for the Custom made charcter that you can make,OVERALL, it looks pretty good.
2.GAMEPLAY- Ok, Ok, Ok, Whoever the person was to make the controls for this game must've been high on PCP or something. These controlls are possible the worst in a fighting game, the chacters never respond when you press a button, so you have to constally repeat the same button to about 3-4 times just to do a simple command like punch. The A.I. is really dumb, there is times when they could of killed me instally when my life was gone but just waited untill a powerup came and my life came back to normal. The A.I, was so easy that everytime you moved on to the next fight, all it was, was just a different chacter model fighting you but the same sad, dumb, don't even fight back AI. OVERALL the gameplay is really bad and this game needs to modified for about 2-3 months.
3.STORY-This game doesn't really feature a story beside competing in matches, and most of the time you can't stop laughing due to the fact that the narrator's voice acting was so bad that You just thought."wow, how the hell could this game get even worse."OVERALL there is no story at all beside fighting a differnt foe for each match.
4.MULTIPLAYER- This is were the game is only good for, The game supports 2 player full screen multiplayer, 2 players choice the chacters and have a fight to the death, OVERALL even though this is the only reason why this game should be played for even 30 minutes, you still get that thought inside your head like, "Man, thank god the guys on PSN or XBOX LIVE can't see me at the moment." So yeah, thats pretty bad.
5.OVERALL- Overall this game is downright horrible, the A.I. is by far the worst, the game only takes about 45 minutes to complete, the voice acting is bad, and the gameplay is like being drunk,matter in fact, I think being drunk and playing this game is the only way to get any kind of enjoyment out of this. The only satisfaction you will get outta this game is playing it with a friend just because your bored, and creating a Chacter that thank God doesn't have chessy lines like the Celebs. The graohics were the only postive about this game. OVERALL this game is really bad and the only way you should ever get this is if you only recive it for free, or stealing it. I give this game a solid 3.5. Thats my fair review on MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch.