The most pathetic game that has ever walked the Earth.

User Rating: 1 | MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch PS2
Soooo... I bought a Yu-Gi-Oh! game once, but I couldn't really get into it, it really bored me, so I went back to the store to trade it, and what do I see? Yes, Celebrity Deathmatch, as a huge fan of the TV show I decided on taking that, it was so cheap I had lots of cash left, so on my way out I decided on buying another cheap game cause y'know... I could afford it, so I bought Wild Arms 3. When I got home I threw away Wild Arms 3 cause that was just an extra game I thought looked like 'meh'. So I turn on my PS2, start playing Celebrity Deathmatch...

~20 Minutes Later~

EVERYTHING IS BEATEN. Seriously, I used 20 minutes to finish this game before everything was beaten and all characters unlocked, it wasn't even a challenge and the sad part is, I didn't feel like playing it again, I didn't feel like playing 1 match more, I was so disappointed and pissed. So I decided to play some Wild Arms 3, and my god it rocked, man I never played this game once after I beat it in 20 minutes, hell no I played Wild Arms 3 for hours, days, weeks, it was so cool, I really regret buying this game cause it's nothing but ****, but I'm glad I got to pick up Wild Arms as well.

Anyway, do not waste your money on this crap, even if you get it for free by someone, don't accept it!! This is the biggest crap game in this world and I'm ashamed to just have it among my other games, maybe I should lock it up so no one will know I own this pathetic, sucky, low life piece of ****.