Digitized characters, cool violence... what more could a 90s kid ask for?

User Rating: 8.5 | Mortal Kombat: Shinken Kourin Densetsu GEN
This game also has a great and interesting storyline which many fighting games lack. It has a present-time feel to it yet it brings back the inner kung fu love we developed through Bruce Lee. This game brought so many good memories of old Kung Fu movies... not to say its a rip off, but obviously influenced and inspired.

This game has an interesting mix in its roster: ninjas, a god, monk, criminal, an actor, and a special forces chick. Let's not forget the half-human dragon and the demon sorcerer. Talk about originality huh Street Fighter? Even their moves are very unique which sets the characters apart and made MK the great game it is to this day.

The fighters all have similar martial art moves, which may sound boring, but it put the emphasis on special moves. Performing fatalities was brought so much satisfaction to a well deserved win! The ultimate F*** YOU to your opponent in the arcades... and what was best is that everyone begged you for the codes as you walked away like a bad ass kid on your block.

Great game, go play it, even if it's the year 2010, this game still kicks your butt.