If you're gonna get one PS2/Xbox era MK game then this one is it.

User Rating: 9 | Mortal Kombat: Deception PS2
Simply put......best in the 3D series. The limited edition Sub-Zero package for PS2 was my favorite collector's edition for a long time. The chance to play the Arcade version of MK1 was awesome. Deception as a game is how a sequel is meant to be done. It improved on the original in almost every way. The story, expanded roster of fighters, and more fatalities gave the fans what they wanted. The addition of Baraka alone was enough for me to get it but I didn't like how they omitted Frost. I know she has a cameo but is not playable as far as I know. The extra modes will invite those who don't like fighting games to give it a try. Many games try not to add in extra modes that have nothing to do with the main game but Midway out done themselves. The addition of the Hara-Kiri allows a defeated player to play spoiler somewhat but often they don't have the time needed to pull one off.

What it did great..........Roster, fatalitites, special moves, extra modes.

What it did wrong.........Not really complaining here but the controls could've been better and taking away Frost is a no no.