review 94

User Rating: 3.5 | Mortal Kombat 4 N64
you though the first mortal kombat on snes with all its censored things could be bad.this is worse.of course i am talking about mortal kombat 4.don't worry i will review some horror games but i need to talk of this what is the main problem in this one.its in not movie 3-d with that annoying red and blue glasses and also has 20 dollars more for movie ticket no like 3d games now a days.mortal kombat back then was 2-d and maybe if it started as a 3-d game and just went with that then it would be fine but no.what i am saying is that we were not used to 3-d mortal kombat just you want to play a good 3-d fighter try virtual fighter or well i wont mortal kombat 9 because that was 2-d and it is the best fighting game ever.what else is wrong with mortal kombat 4.guess,well it is the fatalities.they are not censored but some of em are like."what just happen?" one thing i liked was that you could kick up weapons in the game but my favorite mortal kombat fighter which is reptile.he looks like a reptile more than the reptile who was a secret character in the first game and 2nd and 3rd well ultimate mortal kombat 3.that is a problem i have with mortal kombat 9 is reptile but i take that back because in the komplete edition you can get the classic skin suit so now its good.this game has none of that.the controls on the n64 version are clunky and stay away next time we look at the world of Halloween.