With more characters and a more intense storyline, mk3 improves the series in many ways.

User Rating: 8.9 | Mortal Kombat 3 SNES
With more characters this time, mk3 offers even better fighting capability than ever before. I especially like the concept of the combos, which i used to completely decimate the enemy and then kill them with the improved and also amusing fatalities. I also liked the concept of the babalitiy and the aninamlity and the Brutality. Although the Brutality was almost impossible to perform, I did a few of them and they were pretty nice to see. Shao Khan was once again almost impossible to defeat, but i managed to beat him several times. Also I enjoyed fighting against Montaro, although it proved frustrating that it couldnt use projectiles against the creature, but i beat him as well. I liked the improved stage fatalites as well, including the various pits falls that there were. But I guess my most favorite part of mk3 was the combos, which I am glad they kept in later games of the series. Overall, graphics were good, the sound was ok, and the gameplay is simply great. The series just keeps getting better and better from here.