Rock solid game DO NOT hesitate go and buy it right now! buy and PS3 too if you don't have it only for this game alone

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat PS3
I have been playing PC games since wolf3d was released like 20 years ago.

2 weeks ago I bought a PS3 and this one was my first game and OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDD

it is amazing.........rock solid game full of fun...... of course .....yes... boss sucks! but who cares ????? u got a lot of fun there and it is an endless game when u go online. as a PC gamer I tell you guys you cannot possibly get better performance and graphic quality than PC(an up to date one) with any other gaming device and this genre is the only missing and it was totally worth buying a console just to play this game and this game only.
what I mean is.....even if you don't have a ps3 go and buy both console and this game.
you will absolutely love me for recommending it to you.