Best fighting game made, period.

User Rating: 10 | Mortal Kombat PS3
I own every fighter there is to own. Most of them just don't hold my interest for very long. It has been a number of years since I have played a fighter that really grabbed me for a long period of time. This is the fighter.

Everything about this game screams time and effort. The fighters and moves are perfectly balanced, and combos flow effortlessly once you learn them. The graphics are top not, as is evident from all of the pictures. The story mode is long and interesting. They do a very good job of not only telling a very interesting story, but in getting people accustomed to using the fighters. The skill level break down (aside from the end boss) is perfect. My only complaint about this game would be that at the end of the game, you take control of a fighter you have spent almost no time with at all for the last four battles. While this isn't so much of a problem on the first three, the last fight is absolutely brutal and your timing on everything has to be perfect or you are pretty much dead in under 15 seconds.

If you ever liked or loved Mortal Kombat, if you ever liked or loved another fighting game or series, even if you never owned a fighter but always wanted to try one, this is the game to get.

3D: I'll put this at the end because I know most people do not have 3D televisions yet. The 3D in this game is done great. There is no cross-talk to speak of, and it brings it out in just the right places. One feature of 3D that I like in this game that as far as I know is present in no others, is there is a separate slider for 3D brightness. Since when you wear the glass you lose a little of the brightness your TV is normally set at, having this slider available gets you around that so the game will never be too dark without adjusting your TV settings, which I have done with a couple other games in the past.